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Poland’s Friends and Foes

WARSAW, Poland (ChurchMilitant.com) – Today, on the 103rd anniversary of Poland regaining independence, the Central European nation is again fighting for the life of its republic.

Kraków Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski

Reactions to the ongoing invasion of Poland’s eastern front by thousands of Middle Eastern and African migrants is making clear who supports a free — and Catholic — Poland and who would like to see Poland revert to the days it was erased from the map of Europe. 

While reactions rage, Polish security forces are standing guard at the 250-mile Polish-Belarus border, protecting Poland all of the EU.

Strong Nationalism

Kraków archbishop Marek Jędraszewski celebrated the anniversary by offering Holy Mass in Wawel Cathedral.

“I am a Pole in my homeland, and I consider this to be my happiness,” the archbishop said in the homily.

The metropolitan of Kraków explained what he called a “feeling of Polishness” emerging during the partitions, referring to the century-long erasure of Poland by its bellicose neighbors. He said words in the Polish national anthem “We will be Poles” explain the spiritual aspect of an internally free Poland.

Warsaw President, Andrzej Duda

At Piłsudski Square in Warsaw, President Andrzej Duda thanked God for his country, adding, “I would like to thank all those who fought for a free, sovereign, independent Poland for generations.”

The president invoked the words of Marshal Józef Piłsudski who — in the miraculous Battle of the Vistula — defeated the communists and remarked, “A nation that does not remember important moments in its history … is only a community of people temporarily staying in a given territory.” 

“We are not a community of people temporarily staying in this territory. We are a nation that has lived here for over 1,050 years, having our own statehood, shaped and built on the trunk of the Christian tradition,” he emphasized.

Duda stressed, “The time has come when you have to defend your homeland … more than before — to guard its borders.” 

Support From Hungary, Spain

Hungary, Poland’s historical friend and Visegrad ally, weighed in with support.

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“Poles can always count on Hungary’s commitment to achieve common goals,” wrote Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a letter to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on the occasion of Independence Day.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

“Your national holiday is a tribute to brave patriots, the Polish nation fighting for independence,” he said.

The Hungarian prime minister emphasized that, given their Christian historical ties, Hungary and Poland have a strong alliance prepared to jointly respond to contemporary challenges related to sovereignty and traditional values of both countries.

Hungarian minister for families Katalin Novák also declared her support for Poland as she wished the nation a happy freedom day.

“Poland regained its independence 103 years ago,” she tweeted. “As then, now, during the migration crisis, it is forced to fight again, but now it defends not only its borders, but also the whole European continent. Long live Poland!”

Over 100,000 Poles turned out Thursday to celebrate Poland’s independence at the annual parade in Warsaw — despite the nation’s enemies trying to ban it. Nuns, families, young, old and delegations from various countries joined in the march.

150.000 Polaków na #MarszNiepodległości. Przeszliśmy bezpiecznie i spokojnie pod biało-czerwoną. Tak się świętuje niepodległość. DZIĘKUJĘ! pic.twitter.com/89iHu8lFt6

— Robert Bąkiewicz (@RBakiewicz) November 11, 2021

Polish supporters from Spain’s conservative Vox Party showed up in Warsaw carrying a banner saying: “Spain and Poland are defending their borders.”

They shared their enthusiasm on Twitter, “Happy Polish Independence Day to our Polish allies. You are being the bulwark in the defense of Western values and your sovereignty against the migratory invasion organized by anti-European oligarchies.”

EU: Miffed By Poland’s Pro-Life Values

Despite Poland singlehandedly fending off the migrant invasion at its eastern border with Belarus, Brussels is lending no real support — and even giving Poles a harder time.

Brussels is lending no real support — and even giving Poles a harder time.

On Poland’s Independence Day, the European Parliament passed a resolution against Poland — this time about the murder of unborn children, as demanded by the EU elites.

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The resolution condemns the recent judgment of Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal banning eugenic abortion and supports the narrative of Poland as a bad actor for “failing to defend women’s rights.”

One of Poland’s quisling members of the EU parliament, Robert Biedroń, expressed admiration for the anti-Polish document.

“On the anniversary of the pseudo-tribunal’s judgment, the greatest forces of the European Parliament jointly passed a resolution in which we once again condemn the barbaric anti-abortion law in Poland. Whether Kaczynski [leader of the Law and Justice Party] likes it or not, Polish women are also European citizens!” Biedroń wrote on Twitter.

We must continue to struggle for the freedom of our homeland in the face of so many external and internal threats.

The EU refuses to co-fund Polish border fortification, although it has been noted it is donating one billion euros to finance the Taliban. 

Archbishop Jędraszewski concluded his Independence Day homily with these words: “Today we thank God for those events of the truly miraculous resurrection of our homeland 103 years ago. At the same time, we realize that we must continue to struggle for the freedom of our homeland in the face of so many external and internal threats.” 

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