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Pope Peddles Global Jab

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Pope Francis is peddling the so-called vaccine — again. Yesterday, in an address to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See, the pontiff implied those who do not believe in the jab are misinformed ideologues. Church Militant’s William Mahoney untangles Francis’ latest pandemic spiel.

In his speech Monday, the pope called for continued effort in fighting the Wuhan virus.

After mentioning the late apostolic nuncio to the European Union, Abp. Aldo Giordano, who is reported to have died from the virus, Francis sang the jab’s praises.

Pope Francis: “Where an effective vaccination campaign has occurred, the repercussions of the disease have decreased. It is therefore important to continue the effort to immunize as much of the population as possible.”

The pontiff expressed sadness the world is ideologically divided, suggesting those who oppose the jab are on the wrong side of that divide.

Pope Francis: “Many times we let ourselves be determined by the ideology of the moment, often built on unfounded information or poorly documented facts.”

Francis asserted the jab is not a magical remedy, but the most reasonable solution available at this time.

He ended the pandemic portion of his speech with a call for globalization as the means for sticking as many people as possible.

Pope Francis: “In the end, a comprehensive commitment on the part of the international community is necessary so that the entire world population can have equal access to essential medical care and vaccines.”

While the pope correctly noted health care is a moral responsibility, he failed to provide Catholic teaching on one’s moral obligation to reject so-called therapy that includes — or is intimately connected to — the remains of murdered children

Alleging the great challenges of our time are all global, not spiritual, Francis went on to talk about migration, and of course, climate change.

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