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St. Eucherius

Eucherius was born in the fourth century. Upon the death of his wife he entered the monastery of Lerins, joining his two sons, Veranius and Salonius, who were already living there. Later, Eucherius moved to the island of Lerona (now called Sainte-Marguerite) where he spent his time studying.

Desiring to become a hermit, Eucherius wrote to John Cassian, who himself was an anchorite living in the eastern desert. He received, in reply, information regarding the daily lives of the monks of the Thebaid. Eucherius also wrote to St. Hilary of Arles during this time in the letter that is now known as “De laude Eremi.” In fact, Eucherius kept in touch with several friends known for their piety and great learning. Some others besides Hilary were Cassian, St. Honoratus, and Valerian.

Eucherius grew in holiness and became so well known throughout southeastern Gaul that he was chosen Bishop of Lyons. During his time in office he attended the Council of Orange in 441.

Some of the other well-known writings of Eucherius include “Epistola paraenetica de contemptu mundi,” which he wrote to Valerian, “Formularium spiritualis intelligentiae ad Veranium,” and “Institutiones ad Salonium,” plus many homilies that have been published along with writings of the early Church fathers.


Father, Saint Eucherius understood the value of isolation from the world so as to be alone with you. So many of your saints have gained such great spiritual insight and strength when they have “gone into the desert” to contemplate and communicate with You. In this busy world, help us, Father, to remember to come and spend time with You. We can do nothing without You, Father. May we not run in vain but always seek You and Your Will. In Christ’s Name we pray. Amen.

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