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Task force created to aid ‘radical renewal’ of Archdiocese of Dublin

A task force composed of clergy, religious and laypeople has been established by Archbishop Dermot Farrell to prepare an assessment of the needs of the people of the Archdiocese of Dublin as they emerge from the Covid crisis.

He has done this in recognition of the fact that the Church in Dublin “faces challenges” which require immediate action, one of the key challenges being preparing a recovery from the “severe” impact of the pandemic.

“To advance analysis and encourage dialogue and engagement, I established a ‘Task Force on a Church for the Dublin of Tomorrow’, under the title ‘Building Hope’,” Dr Farrell said.

The aim of the task force will be to “prepare an approach to a pastoral strategy” that supports parishes to undertake a “radical renewal”, and that will allow communities of faith to look to the “future with creativity”.

“I want the task force to stimulate reflection and creative thinking across the whole community, in parishes and in organisations committed to the well-being of the people, to guide a process of dialogue which will continue as we develop and implement our plans for the future.

“To assist the task force, I am also establishing an expert panel in the areas of the economic, social and pastoral situation in Dublin, and the trends which will shape our situation over the next 25 years. Their advice will help us to consider the views and priorities of the many organisations delivering services to the people of Dublin,” Archbishop Farrell said.

The archbishop has urged the task force to haste, asking it to complete its work by the end of the summer. “There is an urgency, and this cannot be an endless process,” he said, continuing, “It will give us all a basis for moving forward together with hope, confident that the Spirit is with those who respond to the call to follow the one who is the Lord of tomorrow as well as today”.


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