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The Patron Saint of the Internet

Who is the patron saint of the internet?  For the Word on Fire movement, which has made a commitment to the new media one of its missionary pillars, this is no small question. I first discovered Bishop Barron online while browsing YouTube over a decade ago in my early twenties, and the ministry played a key role in my own reversion to the Catholic faith. The internet in general, and Word on Fire in particular, has likewise shaped the spiritual journeys of countless others. Bishop Barron has also emphasized Word on Fire’s rootedness in the Mystical Body. But while the ministry has five go-to heavenly patrons—Thérèse of Lisieux, Thomas Aquinas, John Paul II, Fulton Sheen, and John Henry Newman—none is known as the patron saint of the most powerful communications tool the world has ever known. In point of…


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