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The Sixth Day in the Octave of Christmas

God honors faithfulness. The prophetess Anna epitomizes this through her continuing service at the Temple, even if she was in her early 80’s. At an age where she could just rest and stay in bed, she still opts to give her time for God. Because of her fidelity, she was ultimately rewarded by seeing the Holy Family. Her long wait to see Our Savior has come to an end. She can now truly find her rest and finally be at peace.

It is admirable that a good number of our senior citizens continue to serve the Church in their own unique way. They are the ones who handle the Mass collections, or they actively lend a hand to the various outreach programs of the Parish. Sometimes they help decorate the altar for special liturgical celebrations or they’re just happily keeping the parish grounds neat and tidy. They even willingly give some monetary support for those who need a little assistance. Even if they can be excused to take a break or perhaps enjoy their sunset years travelling to different countries or just staying at home with their loved ones, they generously want to be of service for others.

It is challenging to move about as you get older, but they ignore any health challenges they might have in order to make themselves available for those who might need their help. It’s easy to disregard them because their pace may have slowed down a bit. Yet, that doesn’t diminish the love and the passion to give their all for God. Who can fault them for wanting to give their time and energy for such worthy causes?

May we all yearn to be that faithful as we grow old ourselves. Let us always be of service to God in whatever way He sees fit. And as we approach our final destination, may we be as fortunate and blessed to be welcomed into the loving arms of the Holy Family.

May we be as passionate as our senior citizens and may we be inspired by their example. When we’ve put in the time, when we’ve given so many years for God’s greater glory, may we be as fortunate as Anna who was given the chance to see the Holy Family.


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