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Threshold – a home-saving legacy founded by a man with a unique vision

Fr Donal O’Mahony – an activist, advocate, peacemaker and negotiator – was an extraordinary man, who set about to improve housing rights for families and individuals. His legacy now lives on in Threshold which he founded in 1978, an organisation dedicated to housing rights and homeless prevention.

Today, we are in the midst of Ireland’s worst ever housing crisis. Rents are higher than ever, and there are fewer houses than ever available. Sadly, after 40 years the demand for Threshold’s services has never been higher.

Threshold’s much needed services

Threshold remains a front-line service, and is often the first point of call for anyone worried about losing their home. People from all walks of life are dialling Threshold’s number, and finding help at the other end of the line. Threshold is more determined than ever to do everything possible to ensure families can stay safe in their homes, the homes they have come to know and love.

Founder of Threshold, Fr Donal O’Mahony

Threshold runs a nationwide Freephone service for all those seeking assistance. There are eight drop-in centres for face-to-face guidance and support, and offices in Dublin, Cork and Galway, helping 70,000 people across Ireland each year with housing problems.

A team of Housing Advisors work 9am to 9pm, taking calls and operating weekend emergency lines when needed. In addition to a phone line, the public are invited to email in queries or questions, or to use our Webchat live on www.threshold.ie. Threshold has also launched an online video chat service, so anyone who can’t travel to our offices can still see and speak to a Housing Advisor “face to face”. Our team has been working solidly to understand the effect of the housing crisis on renters, and amplifying their voices to government to protect their rights and to create lasting change.

When a person contacts Threshold, a specialised Housing Advisor gets to work – offering sound and practical advice; negotiating with landlords; representing the person or family; finding ways for them to meet their rent and keep their home; helping them find an alternative home when needed; bringing sensible solutions to government.

People are at risk of losing their homes everyday

Eddie, now 81 years old, relies on his social welfare pension of €240 a week and had never been in arrears with his rent, until last year. Eddie’s rent was €900 per month, made up of €850 rent and a €50 service charge per month. As you can imagine, Eddie was struggling. And his landlord refused to sign the relevant forms to allow him to access the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP).

Frightened of losing his apartment and becoming homeless in the middle of a pandemic, Eddie contacted Threshold for advice and support. Our team of housing advisors pursued a case on the grounds of housing discrimination. The landlord accepted HAP, Eddie was able to stay in his home and no longer has to struggle financially. It’s thanks to the kindness of people who support Threshold that we can continue to support and protect vulnerable people like Eddie who are at risk of losing their homes.

Leaving a gift to help future generations escape homelessness

In the words of one client, “Becoming homeless is like falling into an abyss – and Threshold is the safety net”.

A gift in your Will to Threshold can help to deliver hope for children and families into the future. It can help Threshold to answer more calls, support more families to keep their homes, improve the rights of tenants and ensure their voices are being heard. Your legacy will be the gift of a safe, secure home for generations, a foundation for people’s lives.

“For me making my Will was about three things that matter to me. Firstly, and most importantly, it was about the legacy I leave to my loved ones. The second thing was more about who I am today – making a promise to my family and a charity now while I’m still living life. And third, it’s part of my own modest personal legacy – how I want to be remembered by those that matter most to me.”

– Legacy Donor

To discover more about how you can transform lives with a gift to Threshold, or to request a complimentary copy of our legacy booklet, please contact Catherine Murray on 01 635 3605 or at legacy@threshold.ie. You can also write to us at Threshold, First Floor 25-28 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1 D01 XP04. You can also find out more about our work at www.threshold.ie.


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