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Thursday of the Third Week of Advent

Today’s gospel passage is an example of how God responds to the prayers of his people. It is a story of a pious couple advanced in age chosen by God to be parents of Jesus’ precursor, John the Baptist. According to the angel, their prayer for a child has been answered. Zachariah’s reaction of doubt and fear is understandable, but because of his lack of faith, Zechariah was silenced.

John was a cause of joy to his parents and his people. In this day and age, we are slow to recognize the miracles that happen in our daily lives. What we can and must attribute to the grace of God in our lives, we often attribute to advances in science and technology; perhaps even to coincidences.

Let us be more aware of the miracles, large or small, that get us through each day. And let us be open to God’s message during our moments of prayer, and remember to thank Him for these blessings.


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