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Unvaxxed Feeling the Heat

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The proverbial walls seem to be closing in on the unjabbed — from Australia to Europe to North America. The ruling elite have managed to lock down and mandate people into compliance.

Church Militant’s Nadia Hazimeh looks at the growing international encroachment on the unvaccinated, who have refused to violate their consciences.

President Joe Biden: “We’ve been patient, and our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us.”

More and more elites internationally are calling it a “pandemic of the unvaxxed,” and the talking point is catching on.

Biden: “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated!”

The narrative is that those who refuse the jab are selfish, crazy and endangering everyone else.

Gov. Kay Ivey, R-Ala.: “It’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks.”

Pressure is mounting, and the cost of remaining true to one’s conscience is rising. A few examples have recently come to the surface.

In Australia, where draconian lockdowns have led to clashes with police, tennis star Novak Djokovic has become an international lightning rod.

Sara James, reporter, NBC: “Though Djokovic has attempted to clear up the confusion before the tennis begins next week, the decision to have him stay and compete can still be overturned.”

His fans were outraged at his detainment in a quarantine facility, but in a recent Twitter poll, only 5% of 5,000 respondents sympathized with Djokovic.

While unelected Biden scolded America that his patience is wearing thin, France’s Macron explicitly promised to make life miserable for the unjabbed.

Emmanuel Macron, French president: “Yes, I stand by them [his comments that he wants to ‘piss off’ the unvaccinated’], and that’s what we have been doing since last summer.”

Neither leader has retracted or apologized. 

And over in Germany, the government segregates and demonizes unvaccinated citizens; there’s Nazi-style propaganda circulating to scare people into violating their consciences.

While crowds gather in the COVID era to protest the blatant disregard for human rights, history seems to be repeating itself.

It’s not just government versus the people anymore. Citizens are beginning to turn on each other, with one message spray-painted on a local business in Germany warning, “Don’t buy from people who haven’t been vaccinated.”

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