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White Man Bad

BOSTON, Mass. (ChurchMilitant.com) – A global investment firm is trading white men for a so-called diversified workforce.

Jess McNicholas

State Street Global Advisors, or SSGA, is threatening to lower bonuses for company executives if they don’t hire more women and minority applicants. The Boston-based company is pushing to triple the number of Black, Asian and minority staff by 2023.

“All of our leaders have to demonstrate at their annual appraisals what they have done to improve female representation and the number of colleagues from ethnic minority backgrounds,” shared Jess McNicholas, head of the company’s inclusion, diversity and corporate citizenship — aka its woke police.

In order to hire white men, recruiters must show that they interviewed a sufficient number of women and minority persons.

Recruiters for SSGA will now have to create an employee panel including a woman and person from a minority background when hiring. In order to hire white men, recruiters must show that they interviewed a sufficient number of women and minority persons. Those who fail to adequately prioritize skin color and sex over merit will feel it in their paychecks.

This comes as part of the company’s pledge to “hold ourselves accountable for strengthening Black- and Latinx-owned businesses.” SSGA is a subsidiary of State Street Corporation, an American-based financial company founded in 1792 — 229 years ago.

Fearless Girl statue

SSGA made a push for feminism in 2017, commissioning the Fearless Girl, a statue of a defiant young girl meant to encourage women in business. The Fearless Girl was placed in front of Wall Street’s Charging Bull, an iconic statue outside of the New York Stock Exchange. The bull represents aggressive confidence and financial prosperity. 

Soon after commissioning the Fearless Girl, SSGA settled to pay $5 million in a lawsuit over gender-pay discrimination. 

Discrimination Rooted in Marxism

SSGA’s plug for feminism and its most recent push for diversity and inclusion are part of a movement finding root within Western culture. The movement, commonly known as diversity, equity and inclusion, is closely associated with the Marxist ideology known as critical race theory, or CRT.

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News Report: Diversity and Inclusion

Critical race theory promotes looking at reality through the lens of race. It heavily plagiarizes from the works of Karl Marx, the formal founder of communism. Marxists see reality as the oppressor and oppressed. This movement caught traction in America by portraying White, Christian, male conservatives as oppressors of women and people of color. 

Marxist Methods Overtake University 

SSGA isn’t the only company plagued with quasi-Marxist equity zealots. So-called Catholic institutions are beginning to foster exclusion under the guise of inclusion. 

Karl Marx

Critics and donors of the California Catholic San Diego University, or USD, issued a report in September titled “The Woke Takeover at University of San Diego.

The report exposes the promotion of CRT within the university. The university is pushing the “Horizon Project,” a “multiyear, comprehensive and strategic initiative for diversity, equity and inclusion.” USD also selects trustees based on their commitment to so-called social justice. 

USD’s school of engineering claims, “engineering historically has not been an inclusive space,” and promises to “dismantle the myth of meritocracy in the United States and in the engineering discipline.”

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