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Why Glenn Youngkin Won Virginia

CNN dubbed Tuesday’s electoral results a “nightmare” for Democrats. The network’s political commentator Van Jones deemed them a “five-alarm fire.” In a race no one expected to be close, New Jersey’s incumbent Democratic governor Phil Murphy won re-election by less than two percent of the vote. In a race everyone expected to be close, Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, himself a former Virginia governor, lost to multimillionaire political neophyte Glenn Youngkin by over two points. Republicans won all three of Virginia’s state-wide races—governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general—taking each office from Democrats. Virginia Republicans also took back the state House of Delegates after Democrats had surged to a ten-seat majority only two years ago. Progressive white urbanites’ favorite post-George Floyd policy proposal, defunding the police, went down to crushing defeat in both Minneapolis (by referendum) and Seattle (by mayoral election), two of the whitest and most progressive cities in America.

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