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YouTube Deletes the Sensus Fidelium Channel (Re-instated Later that Same Day)

So a little after 8am on Monday morning I started getting texts saying “hey did your channel get shut down?” With no strikes and no warning about this coming that was the case as the screenshot shows here

Thus eliminating 8-9 yrs of 4000+ videos in a snap without warning.

Now I’ve seen this coming for years hence why I have content on Rumble, Bitchute, Odysee, UGETube, GloriaTV, GabTV, and Brighteon (just click the platform names to get the channel. Odysee has it’s own app too). I’ll appeal the decision but who knows it it will be re-instated or not.  I do have a hard drive with all the videos backed up but it will take time to upload the rest on those channels and the future videos I had, and many unlisted that are only available on this website.

Please continue to support the work by the donation tab above which has paypal, patreon, PO Box, etc etc on it.

Thank you all and do not worry as I am not going anywhere.  You’ll just have to use the other platforms to get the videos unless YouTube re-instates me but still we should be looking for alternatives as YouTube has broken itself to keep the narrative going.

Years ago I asked St. Ann to watch over the channel & she has never failed (some reason she is the patron of tv. I have no idea why). So I leave it in her intercession.  Not worried at all.  We keep pounding away

ad Iesum per Mariam



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