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1003: Pope Francis Meets Bill Clinton and S0r0s Jr. [Podcast]

Pope Francis hosted former U.S. President Bill Clinton along with his guest Alexander Soros at the Vatican. What does this mean? Watch this new podcast episode by clicking here: If the audio player does not show up in your email or browser, please click here to listen. Dr. Taylor Marshall’s newest book: Antichrist and Apocalypse: The […]

Magic: Rich US Bishops Are Ignoring Attacks on Religious Speech

TRANSCRIPT   One of the hallmarks of democracy in the American Republic has been the right to free speech, enumerated, of course, in the First Amendment. It’s so important to safeguard it, in fact, that when the city of Baltimore, working behind the scenes with the bishops, tried to cancel Church Militant’s rally against the U.S. bishops’ […]

ECHR: Rejection of Request Against Poland’s Restriction on Abortion

The ECHR was asked about the possible contradiction between the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court in 2021, restricting access to abortion, and the European Convention on Human Rights. Under communism, abortion was practiced in Poland as in all countries subjected to the red dictatorship. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a 1993 law […]

Burkina Faso: Christians Caught between Charybdis and Scylla

For several years now, the “country of the three borders” – Burkina Faso has Mali and Niger as its immediate neighbors – has been a hotbed of Islamic terrorism in the face of which the Church is trying to stand. This sub-Saharan African land was evangelized in 1900 by the White Fathers who arrived from […]

France: The Roof of a 12th Century Church Ravaged by Fire

The town of Descartes, formerly known as La-Haye-en-Touraine, and then La-Haye-Descartes since the Revolution, received its present name in 1967 to pay tribute to René Descartes who was born there on March 31, 1596. This small town of 3,300 inhabitants, located 300 km from Paris, has a 12th century church, partially listed as a Historic […]