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Magic: Rich US Bishops Are Ignoring Attacks on Religious Speech


One of the hallmarks of democracy in the American Republic has been the right to free speech, enumerated, of course, in the First Amendment.

It’s so important to safeguard it, in fact, that when the city of Baltimore, working behind the scenes with the bishops, tried to cancel Church Militant’s rally against the U.S. bishops’ covering up sex abuse, we took them to court.

We won the right to hold the rally, in what’s known as the preliminary injunction phase, and now we are engaged in the actual case. It is no exaggeration to say that Church Militant scored a tremendous victory (both on the trial level and in the U.S. Fourth Circuit, one step below the U.S. Supreme Court), a blow to those forces trying to squash not just freedom of speech, but free speech in the name of religious freedom.

The bishops are deeply involved in politicking — for the Democrats.

The bill for that so far totals more than $800,000 in direct outlays. It put quite the dent in our budget. But some things are worth fighting for, as you hope the costs you have to absorb come out later in the wash.

And there is a great irony here in that Church Militant is fighting at great cost to preserve religious freedom of speech while the nation’s bishops do next to nothing (more accurately, accomplish nothing) in this arena.

Case in point — a free-speech-killer law is sailing through the Michigan Legislature at this very moment. We’ve spoken about this a few times recently here at Church Militant since we are in Michigan and, therefore, more familiar than most with its deadly consequences for free speech.

But make no mistake, once it passes here, and it will because the Marxists control the entire government here, other deep blue states will be using it as a template in their locales. It’s dressed up as “anti–hate speech” law, but not a single expert who has looked at this in depth has not seen very clearly what it is, an anti–free speech law.

The point is to get you to shut up out of fear of prison, fines and being sued. And yes, all that is part of the soon-to-be-enacted law — starting here in Michigan, but coming to a blue state near you soon. Which, getting back to the bishops, is very curious because, to date, the Michigan conference of Catholic bishops has remained completely silent on this.

You would think, at least in theory, Catholic leaders would be storming the barricades to protect freedom of speech, especially religious speech.

But no, nothing but crickets from the bishops’ corner. I mean, it’s not like a law is being pushed through to extend the statute of limitations on filing sex abuse cases by victims. When that was going on in multiple states, the bishops spent more time in court than their cathedrals.

The complicity of the bishops in promoting this kind of legislation through their silence is a furtherance of their part in the destruction of the American way of life. The law will take dead aim at politically conservative free speech, especially that of politically conservative Christians and Jews, as well as other religious groups who are often vocal about the demise of American morals and refuse to go along with the pronoun nonsense (as just one example).

The Marxists are the ones who engineered the demise of morality in the United States, to destabilize the family in order to weaken the Republic; and decades ago, they enlisted the help of key leaders in the Church, and the steamroll effect has been devastating.

We already know the bishops use the money of the faithful to undermine the Faith, but they also use the money of Americans to undermine America. They cannot challenge these atrocities of law because they feed at the trough of government largesse. In short, they are bought and paid for and wholly owned. So we have decided to take this fight to them — the political fight as well as the spiritual one.

As a reminder, on Thursday, July 20, the Deposit of Faith Coalition will sponsor, first, a prayer rally outside of the headquarters of the bishops’ conference in Washington, D.C., at 11 a.m., which will go to 11:45.

Then, starting at 1 p.m., the coalition will be hosting a large press conference with politically conservative media outlets to explain to them how the bishops are using U.S. tax dollars to help destroy America by pushing the Democrats’ agenda under the guise of “social justice.”

We will have four expert speakers making presentations in each of the following areas where the bishops have been complicit in undermining America:

The illegal immigration invasion
The climate change hoax
Gun control, and 
Restrictive free speech policy.

Church Militant will be livestreaming all of it beginning at 12:30 and wrapping up our coverage at 3 p.m. ET. All that information and further details are available by clicking on the provided link.

This is a first-ever kind of event in the Catholic world, a press conference highlighting all of this, with non-bishop-controlled media covering it. It’s high time someone pushed back against all of it.

The bishops embraced Saul Alinsky way back, and it’s been a nonstop love affair ever since for decades — and almost no one has told that story. Now we are seeing all over America the fulfillment of that wicked alliance as the nation crumbles under the weight of communism, with the bishops stepping on the gas under the guise of “charity.”

This is a monumental effort on the part of us involved, and taking this on has a hefty price tag, as you can imagine. To help us financially with this much-needed endeavor and make a donation, please use the form below where you can make your tax-deductible gift to help choke off the bishops’ money supply of your tax dollars.

There are three avenues where the bishops can be hit financially.

First, they can simply have their funding cut off by Congress, where various appropriations committees shovel hundred of millions of dollars to them each year. Second, the IRS code can be amended so that the bishops are required to file public tax returns known as 990s, just like every other religious nonprofits. Currently, they are exempt from that, so it is nearly impossible to track the mountains of tax dollars handed to them. That is wrong. Americans should be able to know exactly how and where their money is being spent, no matter who is getting it.

It’s time to choke off the bishops’ money supply of your tax dollars.

And third, their tax-exempt status can simply be revoked. They are deeply involved in politicking — for the Democrats. And that kind of blatant political engineering runs afoul of the entire spirit of the tax-exempt status.

If you are in that neck of the woods, please come to the prayer rally in front of the bishops’ headquarters on Thursday, July 20, at 11 a.m. ET.

Spectators are also invited to attend the press conference at the National Press Club at 1. Seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

For those who cannot attend — again, you can watch the entire coverage, wall to wall, right here on Church Militant as we livestream this historic challenge to the U.S. bishops’ destruction of the American Republic.

Please donate whatever you can to help us turn this thing around. Time to defund the U.S. bishops.