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Peril in Perth

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Civic authorities in Australia have instituted harsh lockdowns and health mandates over the last year — even sending citizens to COVID camps. Now, a local church is following in the footsteps of the State. Church Militant’s James Fedewa takes a closer look at Perth Cathedral’s COVID jab clinic. 

A Catholic cathedral in Australia is handing out abortion-tainted COVID jabs and driving away the faithful. Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Perth held its second so-called vaccine clinic last weekend.

The church’s dean, Fr. Sean Fernandez, urged “everyone to get vaccinated for the good of our community” and touted that all the cathedral priests got jabbed last year. Despite the dean’s shilling, local Catholics showed up to pray the Rosary outside St. Mary’s jab clinic. 

The praying faithful were promptly driven away by cathedral security. 

Reporter, Freedom Media: “They turned up there today to pray for the Church, to pray for St. Mary’s Cathedral because the church opened its doors as a vaccination clinic. The people were told and threatened that police would be coming down to move them on.” 

Perth’s archbishop, Timothy Costelloe, insists getting jabbed is an act of love — echoing Pope Francis. Costelloe is the president of Australia’s radical Plenary Council. He made history last year when one of his parishes had to make a record-breaking multi-million-dollar sex-abuse payout. 

In the ’70s, Perth was also home to the scandalous “Rock Mass for Love.”  Now, Abp. Costelloe hopes to continue offering abortion-tainted jabs at St. Mary’s — while Catholics wonder if they can pray on church grounds. 

Saint Mary’s Cathedral is reportedly preparing to host another jab clinic, this time giving children the abortion-tainted China-virus injection.

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