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The Fight for Integrity

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Arizona Republicans are heading into the storm of mainstream media to reach a point where elections are secure. Church Militant’s Trey Blanton reports on how the effort to oust phony Republicans is spreading to other states.

Republican legislators in Arizona have concluded a meeting to compile more data on the 2020 election theft. Their goal is to force “Republicans in name only” (Rinos) to take action to prevent future fraud.

State representative Leo Biasiucci: “[We’re going to] see if there’s anything wrong, and if there are things wrong, we need to fix them. And I’m proud to say we are going to do that at the legislature. Whatever we find, we’re going to make sure this never happens again in this country.”

Nearly a dozen other states are exploring how to ensure election integrity for the upcoming midterms and beyond.

Michigan, a battleground state that narrowly voted for Trump in 2016, also revealed a subversion of voting laws to gain Biden the victory in 2020. The Democratic secretary of state, Jocelyn Benson, had no interest in investigating fraud claims. But Republicans who control the state legislature have no excuse.

Republican candidate Kristina Karamo, who is running to unseat Benson, had this to say: “One would think that as an elected official, when you have so many citizens concerned about fraud and corruption, she [Benson] would opt for a more transparent audit and more thorough audit.”

Republicans in Michigan and beyond who are concerned about the nation’s integrity will host more exploratory proceedings to hear the evidence and encourage greater participation in politics.

Karamo continued: “Therefore, we, the governed, have every right to scrutinize the election process. So the fact that she wants less citizens’ oversight, less citizens’ scrutiny, means she has something to hide, which should concern us all, irrespective of political affiliation.”

Critics argue so-called moderate Republicans spend too much time dialoguing with their friends on the other side of the aisle instead of fighting for truth.

Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber Ninjas: “Yeah, it should be down to raw numbers and raw information. There’s [sic] a lot of numbers that just don’t make sense, and there’s been a lot of resistance and actually looking in, to be able to look to the level of scrutiny needed, in order to validate exactly why the numbers are off.”

The days of Democrats and Republicans scratching each others’ backs is at an end. Democrats have declared war on the Constitution. True Republicans need to stand up to defend it.

Many experts predict Republicans will retake Congress. The question is whether those elected will be actual conservatives — or establishment RINOs.


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